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ControlSuite : Why are Scan Processing Engine scan files not split to the scan size limit?

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Why are SPE scan files not split to the Scan size limit?


Equitrac Scan Processing Engine uses the EQDocFileSplitter.exe utility in the Equitrac Tools Folder to split a scanned document when the file is larger than the limit.

e.g. If the limit is set to 50Mb and the document is 102Mb in size the document is split in two recursively. If the documents once split the first time are still over the limit, they are then split again and again until the files are within the limit. Dependent on content, the files can be uneven as there may be heavy graphics content in different parts of the document.

In this example, the first split generated two files of 51mb and 51Mb so each file had to be split again giving 4 documents of approximately 26Mb.

In summary, the limit is used to determine if each Scanned pdf is below it and ready to send, so the individual final sizes of the split documents can vary dependent on size and content of the completed scan 

Applies to:  

Product Version
Controlsuite 1.x
Equitrac 5.7


Article # 3039017