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ControlSuite AutoStore: AutoCapture-DB Lookup issue with a SQL "varchar(MAX)" field type

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There are no results when using a Database Lookup configured against a SQL "varchar(MAX)" field type within the AutoStore AutoCapture component, even though the connection is working fine.


For now, the varchar(MAX) is not supported as a SQL field type.

There are two different workarounds for this issue.

1. Change the field definition for varchar(MAX) type fields to varchar(xxx), where the value of xxx should be maximum 8000.

2. Change the dblookup configuration as follows:
    a. Instead of using the "Table" under Retrieve data from group, use the "Query" possibility.
    b. As an example, there are two fields (id, content) in a table (e.g. dbo.table1) where the "content" was defined as a varchar(MAX) field.
    c. In this case the following query should be used: select id, convert(varchar(100), content) from dbo.table1



Applies to:  

Product Version
ControlSuite 1.0
ControlSuite 1.1
ControlSuite 1.2