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ControlSuite: Konica Minolta iOption - An error occurred when connecting to workflow server

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Receiving: "An error occurred when connecting to workflow server." at the device. This may occur after upgrading from ControlSuite 1.1/AutoStore 8.1 to ControlSuite 1.2 Fix Pack 2/AutoStore 8.2 Fix Pack 2, and when attempting to launch the AutoStore scanning button.



In the Konica Panel Log, you will see the below message:

Stack Trace : at System.SZArrayHelper.Add[T](T value)

at NSi.AutoStore.KonicaCapture.DataModel.KonicaScanSettings.OnLoadScanSettingsEventHandler(IList`1 ScanSettingValues)

at NSi.AutoStore.Capture.DataModel.ScanSettings.InitScanSettings() in Y:\AS\Build\src-8.2\AutoStore Extensions\NSi.AutoStore.Capture\NSi.AutoStore.Capture.DataModel\ScanSettings.cs:line 72

at NSi.AutoStore.Capture.DataModel.MenuContainer.InitScanSettings() in Y:\AS\Build\src-8.2\AutoStore Extensions\NSi.AutoStore.Capture\NSi.AutoStore.Capture.DataModel\MenuContainer.cs:line 103

at NSi.AutoStore.Capture.DataModel.MenuContainer.InitScanSettings() in Y:\AS\Build\src-8.2\AutoStore Extensions\NSi.AutoStore.Capture\NSi.AutoStore.Capture.DataModel\MenuContainer.cs:line 107

at NSi.AutoStore.KonicaCapture.PanelClient.Infrastructure.CachedServiceClient.GetGroup(Int32 port)



In ControlSuite 1.2 Fix Pack 2 / AutoStore 8.2 Fix Pack 2, the scan setting for Scan Size was added to Konica Minolta iOption component. When using a configuration, that was configured in a previous version of AutoStore, this scan setting is not available and therefore missing from the configuration.  


Using AutoStore Process Designer, load the configuration, double click, or right-click, select properties on Konica Minolta iOption and open each form and then close and save the configuration.  By clicking within each form, it adds the new scan setting (as seen below) to the configuration.   

Id = Size
CurrentValue = Auto
Type = System.String
Readonly = False
MinValue = 0
MaxValue = 0
Increment = 0


Applies to:  

Product Version
ControlSuite 1.2 Fix Pack 2
AutoStore 8.2 Fix Pack 2