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ControlSuite: "CREATE DATABASE permission denied.." and "database operation failed" errors

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Problem Statement:

When installing ControlSuite, getting one of the following errors in the Databases section of the Configuration Assistant when trying to create/upgrade the database, or determine if the database exists: - "CREATE DATABASE permission denied in database 'master'."  - "Output Manager database operation failed" - "Error-unable to connect to database"


Potential Cause:

The account configured for the specified database does NOT have permission to perform the indicated action in the database.    


Ensure that the configured account has sufficient permissions in the database.  To verify which account is configured, click the 'Pencil' icon to the right of the listing in the Databases section of the Configuration Assistant: - If using Windows authentication, this is referencing the user currently running the Configuration Assistant - If using SQL Server authentication, this is referencing the the account indicated in the Login field   For SQL, it is recommended that the configured account have the "sysadmin" role for initial database creation.  For on-going operations/maintenance, the "dbcreator" role is sufficient in most cases.