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How to reduce the Output Manager database MessageLog table size

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Question / Problem: 

How to reduce the Output Manager database MessageLog table size

Answer / Solution: 

The Output Manager database MessageLog table has twice the number of records than is configured in the Output Manager Console > Administration > Set General Preferences > Reports tab: Message log

Enter How to here:

  1. Open the Output Manger Console > Tools menu > Message Console,
    1. Click the File menu,
    2. Choose Save
    3. Browse to folder the message log files will be saved to.
    4. Click Save, there will be 100,000 records written per message log file.
  2. If a back up of the OM database does not exist, make a backup of the OM database.
  3. Truncate the OM database table dbo.MessageLog
    1. Open Microsoft SQL Management Studio while logged into the server with the service account used by the OM DBM Service.
    2. Expand the Database folder.
    3. Right-click the OM database name.
    4. Choose New Query. See Fig. 1
    5. In the new query window type: ‘Truncate table [MessageLog]’
    6. Make sure the OM database name is in the field next to the red ‘!’ Execute. See Fig. 2
    7. If not the correct database name click the down arrow and choose the OM database.
    8. Click Execute.
    9. The table truncation will run and return a successful message. See Fig. 3.
    10. Go to the Output Manager Console > Administration > System Health and see the Message Console Count has a little more than zero records. This value is to the right of the Files Store grid and below the database graph. See Fig. 4.

Figure 1.png

Figure 1

Figure 2.png

Figure 2

Figure 3.png

Figure 3

Figure 4.png

Figure 4


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