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ControlSuite: Konica Minolta Unified Client - DWS Installation failed Error 510

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During device registration with the Device Registration Service an error may occur for the Konica Minolta iOption Unified Client. 

DWS Installation failed Error 510


SSL is required to obtain the MFP serial number when registering. Devices like the c250i or c300i must be registered in SSL only mode. 
In Device Web Service (DWS) the following error messages may be seen when registering a device.
The required logs to review in Device Web Service (DWS) are: NEUF Platform Konica Minolta

Error message and solution:

  1. Remote connection IP_ADDRESS:443 didn't present a certificate 
    • TLS/SSL must be activated for the Device web interface. For more details press here.
  2. [ Code: 12 , Message: no permission ] 
    • Incorrect credentials have been entered. Please check the device credentials. (If in DRS under device setting username is defined as Administrator, you may need to change it to admin instead)
  3. [ Code: 21 , Message: Can not use Browser ]  
    • Device Web Browser is disabled. Web browser must be enabled at the device. Got to: Web Browser Settings - Web Browse-> switch to: enable
  4. Code: 9 , Message: DuringAdminMode. If the admin mode is still open, it is necessary to log out from the web interface of the machine.
    • If the admin mode is still open, it is necessary to log out from the web interface of the machine.
  5. [ERROR] nuance-exec-3: (KonicaMinoltaDeviceLifecycleProvider) install: Cannot get DeviceCapabilities for device: SERIALNUMBER
    [ERROR] nuance-exec-3: com.kofax.neuf.konicaminolta.openapiservice.OpenAPIException: Error received from device for operation AppReqExtGetDeviceInfo [ ID: SERIALNUMBER, host: IP ADDRESS ] - [ Code: null , Message: Received fatal alert: handshake_failure ]
    • Certificate Error. A device certificate must be created in the device "SSL Only" mode. Required steps listed below.
  • SSL must be activated in the AutoStore configuration. 


Device Registration Service (DRS) Configuration:

Device Registration Service - Applications:

  • AutoStore Server Use TLS: Set to True
  • Trust Self-signed Certificate for AutoStore: True


Konica Minolta Device Settings:

Device - Open API:

  • SSL Only, the remaining settings can be left as default


Device Security -> PKI Setting
  • Admin Mode and User Mode
  • Encryption: AES-256, 3DES-168, RC4-128
  • SSL/TLS Version Settings: SSLv3.0, TLSv1.0,TLSv1.1,TLSv1.2 (Enable them all)


Device Network -> Web Browser Settings -> Web Browser:
  • Enable 


Device Network -> TCP Socket Setting
  • TCP Socket - Enable
  • Use SSL/LS - Enable


When all settings have been made on the device, a new device certificate must be created to apply all settings for the certificate. The new certificate must then be assigned to the device.

Applies to:  

Product Version
ControlSuite 1.0
ControlSuite 1.1
ControlSuite 1.2