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Printer Driver Uploader Utility - Unable to Import Newly Created ZIP Package

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Using the Printer Driver Uploader Utility in ControlSuite, the upload ZIP packages are created successfully.  Some created packages are able to be uploaded without issue.  However, some fail to upload with the message "There was an unexpected error."  The file that fails to upload is over 30 MB.  All the ones that succeed are smaller than 30 MB.


The Printer Driver Uploader Utility is hosted in IIS, and the IIS Web server has a limit of 30 MB for requests by default. The limit must be increased to handle larger packages.

  1. Navigate to the folder for WebClient containing the web.config.  The default is <C:\Program Files\Kofax\Equitrac\WebClient> or <C:\Program Files\Nuance\Equitrac\WebClient> on older ControlSuite versions.
  2. Back up the web.config file as web.config.backup for disaster recovery purposes.

  3. Open web.config in an editor
  4. The file must be modified in 2 locations.  This example will change the value to 60 MB.

 Locate this:

        <access sslflags="Ssl">


It should be changed to this:

        <access sslFlags="Ssl" />
            <requestLimits maxAllowedContentLength="62914560" />


Then, there is another place in the file which reads like this:

<httpRuntime enableVersionHeader="false" />


It should be changed to this:

<httpRuntime enableVersionHeader="false" maxRequestLength="61440" requestLengthDiskThreshold="61440" executionTimeout="240" />


5. Save the web.config file

The meaning of the new values:

  • executionTimeout : Increase the timeout value for a request, letting long-lasting uploads to succeed
  • maxRequestLength and requestLengthDiskThreshold : Set the maximum request length here. Unit is KBytes, so the current values (61440) indicates 60 MBytes
  • maxAllowedContentLength: Set the maximum allowed content length of a request. It is in bytes, so the current value in there is again for 60 MBytes (60 * 1024 * 1024 bytes)

If the file is larger than 60MB, adjust the numbers accordingly.



Applies to:  

Product Version
ControlSuite 1.x
Equitrac 6.x



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