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SLP service loopback info

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Question / Problem: 

SLP appears to broadcast only on the loopback address and users are unable to see their jobs when the server gets rebooted.

Answer / Solution: 

The EQSLPD service queries the list of available network interfaces at its startup time. The non-DA instances also subscribe for network change events, to be able to track the IP address changes of workstations, but for DA instances it is not done, as those should run at a server which should not change its IP addresses.

In this scenario the SLP service can't find any non-loopback network interfaces and that is the reason it listens only on loopback addresses.

To prevent this issue, all the ControlSuite services (SLP, CAS, DRE, DCE...) should start AFTER the network is up.


Applies to:  

Product Version
ControlSuite 1.x
Equitrac 5.x