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Xerox EIP - No scan reaches AutoStore after a successfully registration

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The registration is successful but scanning doesn't work. No scan reaches AutoStore, but an XML is generated in the batch log. The error message at the device that can be seen below within the Job Status is

Deleted: Conflicting Job Settings - Invalid path specified

Batch Log example:

2021/08/18 09:54:22:22 10400 [TRC] Xerox EIP Connect: MsgId:7217 JobId: 4166ad9a-eff4-4a40-96c0-c8331c1aefd5 JobStatus: Unknown
2021/08/18 09:54:24:21 10400 [TRC] Xerox EIP Connect: MsgId:7211 Xml queue: 1 active queue: 1


Devices tested were 8070 Altalink. Issue did also occur on versalink devices. The problem for these devices is that they may not support FTP active mode for transfer to AutoStore.

Enter How to here:

  1. upgraded the device to the very latest Firmware
  2. Delete the Scan Template file at the device. Open the device Web Interface -> Scan Tab and delete the AS8_Template
  3. set the FTP from passive" to "active"
  4. Reboot the device
  5. Re-Register the device in DRS



Applies to:  

Product Version
ControlSuite AutoStore 8.2.x