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Does Copitrak embedded support the Xerox Primelink C90xx / B90xx

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Does Copitrak support the Xerox on a Primelink C90xx / B90xx?



Copitrak embedded for Xerox does support Xerox Primelink C90xx / B90xx.   Minimum Copitrak version is: 3.2, minimum device firmware version is: 90.05.61 for the B90xx devices. For the Xerox Primelink C90xx devices firmware 85.6.11 is needed.   


Due to software changes in these models setup will differ slightly from documentation released with Copitrak 3.2, this documentation will be updated in the next release.  

Steps to configure:

 SNMP related steps are for snmpset.exe but the parameters are same for other tools. 

  • Install Xerox Embedded on CSS server and make sure all .config files are updated with SQL database connection string and CSS server IP address.
  • Connect to device web administration UI with admin credentials

    NOTE: device will automatically reboot after some of the following steps.
  • Verify that the device has a valid certificate. Create one if it doesn't exist. 
    Under Security->Certificate management
  • Ensure that HTTP protocol is enabled
    Under Properties->Connectivity->Protocols
  • Ensure that the Extensible Services Browser option is enabled
    Under Properties->General Setup->Extensible Service Setup
  • Select Xerox Secure Access as login type.
    Under Properties->Security->Authentication Configuration
  • Lock the device.
    Under Properties->Security->Authentication Configuration->Device Access
  • Enable "Local Login" to make the keyboard available at the device
    Under Properties->Security->Authentication Configuration->Xerox Secure Access Configuration
  • Customize user Prompts. Under Properties->Accounting->Accounting Configuration.
    Select: "Display No Prompts"
  • Download the “SNMP command line tool”, install it and run following commands to finish configuring PrimeLink device:
  • Set IP Address and Port of Auth server (CSS Server)
    snmpset -v2c -c private [MFP IP Address] s [CSS Server IP Address].44379
  • Alternativly, set the Auth server by name and port instead of IP
    snmpset -v2c -c private [MFP IP Address] s [CSS Server name].44379
  • Set the Path of auth server soap call (asmx in CSS case)
    snmpset -v2c -c private [MFP IP Address] s "/SmartAuthServerImpl.asmx"
  • Turns on the auth protocol for secure access
    snmpset -v2c -c private [MFP IP Address] s "secure"
  • Set Blocking screen title
    snmpset -v2c -c private [MFP IP Address] s "Copitrak"
  • Set Blocking screen prompt
    snmpset -v2c -c private [MFP IP Address] s "Please enter your ID"
  • Run CopitrakEipGUI to finish configuration on CSS server



Applies to  

Product Version Build Environment Hardware
Copitrak 3.2   Xerox Embedded  



Article # 3045555
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