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Does Copitrak embedded support the Xerox Primelink C90xx / B90xx

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Does Copitrak support the Xerox on a Primelink C90xx / B90xx?



Copitrak embedded for Xerox does support Xerox Primelink C90xx / B90xx.   Minimum Copitrak version is: 3.2, minimum device firmware version is: 90.05.61.  


Due to software changes in these models setup will differ slightly from documentation released with Copitrak 3.2, this documenation will be updated in the next release.  

Steps to configure:

 SNMP related steps are for snmpset.exe but the parameters are same for other tools. 

  • Install Xerox Embedded on CSS server and make sure all .config files are updated with SQL database connection string and CSS server IP address.
  • Connect to device web administration UI with admin credentials

    NOTE: device will automatically reboot after some of the following steps.
  • Verify that the device has a valid certificate. Create one if it doesn't exist. 
    Under Security->Sertificate management
  • Ensure that HTTP protocol is enabled
    Under Properties->Connectivity->Protocols
  • Select Xerox Secure Access as login type.
    Under Properties->Security->Authentication Configuration
  • Lock the device.
    Under Properties->Security->Authentication Configuration->Device Access
  • Enable "Local Login" to make the keyboard available at the device
    Under Properties->Security->Authentication Configuration->Xerox Secure Access Configuration
  • Customize user Prompts. Under Properties->Accounting->Accounting Configuration.
    Select: "Display No Prompts"
  • Download the “SNMP command line tool”, install it and run following commands to finish configuring PrimeLink device:
  • Set IP Address and Port of Auth server (CSS Server)
    snmpset -v2c -c private [MFP IP Address] s [CSS Server IP Address].44379
  • Alternativly, set the Auth server by name and port instead of IP
    snmpset -v2c -c private [MFP IP Address] s [CSS Server name].44379
  • Set the Path of auth server soap call (asmx in CSS case)
    snmpset -v2c -c private [MFP IP Address] s "/SmartAuthServerImpl.asmx"
  • Turns on the auth protocol for secure access
    snmpset -v2c -c private [MFP IP Address] s "secure"
  • Set Blocking screen title
    snmpset -v2c -c private [MFP IP Address] s "Copitrak"
  • Set Blocking screen prompt
    snmpset -v2c -c private [MFP IP Address] s "Please enter your ID"
  • Run CopitrakEipGUI to finish configuration on CSS server



Applies to  

Product Version Build Environment Hardware
Copitrak 3.2   Xerox Embedded  



Article # 3045555
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