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Copitrak - eClipse - Confirming Terminal Settings

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How do I confirm my Copitrak Eclipse terminal's settings such as version, IP, ID and MAC address?

To display the terminal's software versions and current IP/ID, navigate to the "Enter User ID" screen and press "Clear", "Clear", "Space" and "END" on the touch screen to bring up a temporary popup which will display the following:

  • Copitrak Eclipse Version -The CandiSim.exe version
  • Driver Version - The PMKDrv.dll version
  • Imaging Version - The CandiImage.dll version
  • OS Version - The NK.BIN version
  • The current Terminal ID and IP will be displayed on the second line from the bottom.

Ex: "TEST (". "TEST" is the Terminal ID and "" is the current IP.

Additional information including MAC address, terminal group settings and status can be reviewed by accessing the terminal's web interface from a desktop.

  • From a pc, open Internet Explorer and navigate to http://TERMINALIP:4142 ("TERMINALIP" being the IP of the terminal you wish to review).