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Copitrak - eClipse - How to determine the IP settings

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How to determine the IP settings of an eClipse terminal.

The Copitrak eClipse Terminal is 10/100 Base-T Ethernet. It has full DHCP support. Some models have a built-in two-port Network hub so no additional jack is required. It communicates back to the Copitrak System software via TCP/IP over TCP port 4140. It also uses TCP port 4142 for its status - Formatted HTML Reply. The terminal's main configuration is done from the Copitrak System Configuration Manager and is updated to the terminal from the Copitrak System services. The terminal's local configuration consists of the Copitrak Identification ID, Network IP settings and the Main Copitrak Server Host configuration to point it to the Copitrak System Services for its configuration, validation and data.

If the eClipse terminal is still functional, you can determine its IP and MAC address and if it's set for DHCP or Static.

  1. If the terminal has an input mask configured, press and hold the SPACE key then press the END key to temporarily disable the input mask.
  2. On the terminal, input 09182736 (Do NOT press ENTER), press and hold the SPACE key then press the END key.
  3. The first screen displayed will be the eClipse's current Terminal ID. Press ENTER.
  4. The next screen will show the eClipse's MAC address and the current DHCP setting. The MAC address in displayed in brackets above the DHCP setting inputbox.
  5. If the input box is set to Y, then DHCP is enabled. If you press ENTER, the next screen displayed will be the Main Host IP. If the input box is set to N, then DHCP is disabled and the unit is set for Static. If you press ENTER, You will see the static Unit Fixed IP of the terminal, pressing ENTER again will then show Subnet Mask, pressing ENTER again will show the Gateway. Pressing ENTER again will show the Main Host IP.

The terminal also has a simple 'about' display. To display this menu, at the user login screen use this key sequence; press CLR CLR SPACE END

Then info displayed will be on the eClipse's current firmware versions, Terminal ID and its current IP address.


  • If a Terminal has an attached USB keyboard you can use CTRL+R key sequence in place of the SPACE END.
  • The Main Host IP can be set for the Copitrak server's IP and also supports DNS entry.
  • The octets in the IP, Subnet Mask & Gateway are 3 Digits. When inputting the addresses, you will need to Zero-fill each octet.