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Copitrak - eClipse - Powering up and rebooting

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How do I power up and reboot my Eclipse terminal?

Power up:

The Eclipse does not have an on/off switch and will boot up once provided power.


On older series Eclipse, a recessed reset button will be available below the power supply jack. If not present, a reboot can be achieved by unplugging the power supply from the terminal and waiting 5 seconds before plugging it back in. Before resetting the device, it is recommended to confirm that the terminal is idle and at the starting screen (User ID or Mode selection depending on configuration).

The terminal's boot sequence should take 1 minute. Its progress is indicated by the blinking Eclipse logo found on the bottom left of the front panel. Once the OS has loaded, a chime will sound and the touchscreen will display the Eclipse logo. Once the software has fully loaded the terminal will display the starting screen.