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Enable or disable the feature in Copitrak Scan to remove blank scan pages

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How to enable or disable blank scan page removal in Copitrak Scan.


Customer does not want blank pages removed from scanned documents.


NOTE: This configuration change requires a restart of the main Copitrak System Services.

To enable or disable the Blank Page removal feature in Copitrak Scantrak, on the Copitrak Scan server(s);

  1. Open the ConfigFileManager.
  2. Select the ScanTrak option button.
  3. Select the OCR / Compression button on bottom of Scantrak configuration Screen.
  4. In the middle OCR section, Check the checkbox next to Remove Blank Pages to enable this feature or Un-Check to disable.
  5. Select the Save & Back button on the OCR configuration screen.
  6. Select the Save & Back button on the Scantrak configuration screen.
  7. Select the Exit button on the main ConfigFileManager screen.
  8. Restart the main Copitrak CTKServiceMan service via Windows Services module.

Screenshot 2021-08-26 100607.png

Level of Complexity 



Applies to  

Product Version Build Environment Hardware
Copitrak System Software 3.2      
Copitrak System Software 3.1.1      
Copitrak System Software 3.1      
Copitrak System Software 3.0 R3    
Copitrak System Software 2.0 R2    


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Article # 3032651
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