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How to Customize the Copitrak Print logo for Printer Maximum/Minimum Pages Warning

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Question / Problem: 

Copitrak Print rules can be configured so the user gets a warning pop up window directing or advising them they need to print to another printer due to volume restrictions. This pop up windows has a logo which can be customized.



Answer / Solution: 

The logo is the file IEVIEWER.GIF file located in the main Copitrak Print folder. When creating your new logo it needs to be saved as a GIF and the default logo is 206 x 99. Once created replace the existing IEVIEWER.GIF with the new one. Any new GIF logo should be very close to the original size as it will appear inside a window that has a fixed size. Exceeding the size will result in the logo not being fully seen as it will extend beyond the window size.







Applies to:  

Product Version
Copitrak Print All Versions



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