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Copitrak - eClipse - Terminal ports

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Where are the ports on the Copitrak Eclipse terminal and what do they do?

All of the Eclipse's ports can be found on the right hand side of the terminal.

From top to bottom, the ports are as follows:

  • RJ-11 Copier Interface Cable Port - For connecting the Copier Interface cable, used for enabling/disabling a copier and receiving copy pulses.
  • RJ-12 MCIF Interface Cable Port - For interfacing with a Copitrak MCIF box.
  • USB Port x2 - For Eclipse related accessories (USB Keyboard, Proximity Card Reader, etc.).
  • Pass-through RJ-45 Ethernet Port x2 - For network connectivity to the terminal or to act as a hub for additional networked devices. The two ports are interchangeable.
  • Power Supply Jack - For connecting the external power supply.