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Known good configurations for Copitrak Edge on tablet

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System Requirements for Copitrak Edge on tablets can be found below:


Kofax recommends a business class tablet rated for 24 hour continuous operation.  Consumer grade tablets are not recommended. Due to performance considerations Copitrak Edge does not support tablets with non-SSD storage, such as eMMC.  For reliability Kofax recommends a hardwired Ethernet connection.


Known good configurations:
Kofax cannot test the large variety of tablets on the market.  The following are known working tablets on existing customer deployments::

  • Microsoft Surface GO 3 for Business with Surface Dock 
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 7 with Surface Dock 
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 8 with Surface Dock 



Applies to  

Product Version Build Environment Hardware
Copitrak Edge 2.6.1   Windows 10  


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Article # 3049461
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