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Copitrak - CSS - LCWIN will not start or sporadically closes

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LCWIN will not start or sporadically closes

Problem Statement: LCWIN will not start or sporadically closes on its own causing validation to go down. Clients experiencing this issue will typically report that a reboot of the Copitrak server temporarily fixes the issue.

Cause: LCWIN requires 1GB of hard drive space to run.

If LCWIN32_SQL is run with a /DEBUG XX switch (XX being the number of logs to cycle through), the requirement will be noted in DBGView as well as LCWIN's debug logs.

Sample Log:

     2014/03/17 15:00:52.947 - 0000003996 - The LCWIN Serice is automatically shutting down due to lack of free Disk space on the Server... LCWIN requires a minimum of 1Gbyte free to operate

     2014/03/17 15:00:53.119 - 0000003996 - LCWIN32 Terminating due to lack of free disk space on Server

     2014/03/17 15:00:53.119 - 0000003996 - LCWIN32 Terminating Cleanly

     2014/03/17 15:00:53.119 - 0000003996 - Destroying LCWIN Class

Solution: Free up space on the local drive(s) and restart pmkserviceman to relaunch LCWIN. Confirm that CleanDirectory is configured and scheduled to regularly purge old Copitrak logs and backup files.