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Copitrak - Diamonde - How to reset when it is in "Waiting for Download" mode

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How to reset a Copitrak Diamonde Terminal when it is in "Waiting for Download" mode?

When experiencing a "Waiting for Download" use the Following commands to reinitialize and configure the terminal.

When the Diamonde units lose power, if the battery is bad, they will always boot into "waiting for download" mode.

To correct this, press and hold the SHIFT and Z keys, unplug the unit, then power it up. This will take the unit into programming mode, asking for a PAN. Enter 09182736 enter, then a new PAN of 1 then Enter. Next, run function LD TWICE (must be done twice) and say yes to all prompts. From there you can send a config from an existing terminal to get it setup.