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Copitrak - eClipse - Terminal is offline

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If a terminal is reported offline, first determine if the issue is specific to one terminal, or if all terminals are offline. Common symptoms of an offline terminal include:

  • The logo on the left hand side of the screen is red.
  • The scrolling marquee indicates "Communications are Off-Line".
  • Last Jobs and account searching is not available.
  • Unfamiliar prompts are displayed when selecting specific routes.

If the issue is terminal specific, consider the following points of failure:

  • Network Cable
    • Trace the network cable from the terminal to the wall jack, confirming that it is properly connected.
    • If connected, look for signs of damage or wear to the network cable and replace it if necessary.
  • Network Wall Jack
    • Plug the network cable into another available network wall jack.
  • Terminal Jack
    • If applicable, unplug the network cable from the terminal and plug into the other available network port on the terminal.
  • IP allocation
    • Confirm the terminal's last known IP by navigating to the "Enter User ID" screen and pressing "Clear", "Clear", "Space" and "END" on the touch screen. A temporary popup will appear displaying the current IP in parenthesis on the second line from the bottom.
    • If the IP is set to the local loopback of the device (, the terminal does not have an IP. If set to DHCP, cycle through the configuration panel or reboot the terminal to request a new DHCP lease. If set to static, confirm with a network technician that the IP, subnet and gateway currently set are correct.
    • If the IP is valid, attempt to access the terminal's web interface from Internet Explorer (http://IPADDRESS:4142).

If all terminals are offline, review the following:

  • Confirm that the Copitrak server is powered up, responsive and online.
  • Confirm that all necessary Copitrak validation applications and services are running on the Copitrak server. Core applications include, but are not limited to:
    • PMKServiceMan.exe
    • LCWIN32_SQL.exe
    • ERSRTDAM_SQL.exe
  • Check to make sure Windows firewall is not blocking TCP ports 4140 and 4141.
  • Confirm that the IP and name of the Copitrak server have not changed.

Information to report when creating a support incident:

  1. Terminal ID (scrolls across the bottom of the screen when at the User ID screen).
  2. Terminal's Serial # (found on the back plate of the terminal).
  3. Terminal's current IP