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Copitrak - eClipse - Terminal will not lock or unlock the copier

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If a terminal will not lock or unlock a copier's interface panel, consider the following:

  • The copier interface cable may be broken, disconnected or incorrect.
    • Trace the interface cable from the terminal to the copier, confirming that it is properly attached.
    • Look for signs of damage or wear to the copier interface cable.
    • If a MCIF box is connected between the terminal and copier, confirm that it is powered on and all cables are properly fastened.
  • The copier's foreign interface may be improperly configured or damaged.
    • Have your copier technician confirm that the copier's settings are correct and that the foreign interface is functional.
    • * Note that a Copitrak terminal does not have the ability to control what functions are locked or unlocked on a copier. It is up to the copier to tell its interface the terminal interacts with what functions should lock or unlock when Copitrak is enabled.
  • The Copitrak terminal may be improperly configured.
    • Request a technician review the server side configuration of the terminal.
  • The Copitrak terminal may be damaged.
    • With the assistance of a technician, temporarily replace the terminal with one that is confirmed functional.

Information to report when creating a support incident:

  1. Confirmation that there is an audible click from the terminal when it is enabled.
  2. Copier interface cable number (labeled where the cable connects to the copier).
  3. Copier make and model.
  4. Terminal ID (scrolls across the bottom of the screen when at the User ID screen).
  5. Terminal's Serial # (found on the back plate of the terminal).
  6. MCIF version and serial # (if applicable).
  7. Details of any service recently performed on the affected the copier.
  8. Details of the affected copier recently being swapped out or replaced.