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AutoStore - Equitrac - Ricoh PCC 4 - Single Sign On (SSO)

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With Equitrac Office and Equitrac Express, using Ricoh Print and Copy Control (PCC) 4, is Single Sign On (SSO) with Autostore xLet supported?


Yes.  Ricoh AAA can be utilized for this purpose.

To enable SSOn between PCC and AutoStore, do the following:

On Ricoh MFP

  1. Ensure that the Ricoh MFP is set to use static IP addresses.  Using DHCP is not supported.  Unreliable operations with Ricoh AAA has been reported when using DHCP or dynamic DNS.
  2. Ensure that Function Priority is set to PCC.

ON PCC (Print and Copy Control) 4.x

  1. Ensure that the PCC and Remote Administration Tool are installed and running on the MFP
    • Note: If "Remote Administration Tool" is not running, Ricoh AAA, which is required for single sign on, will not work.
  2. Open the configuration web page (http://ip.address.of.mfp:8080/Equitrac/config/)
  3. Select the option "Ricoh AAA Integration Enabled"
  4. PCC mode should be "Print and Copy"
  5. In the box "External Java Application Product ID's to Enable" add the Autostore client Product ID value (33956098).

On AutoStore

  1. If utilizing the older xlet, edit the Autostore client .dalp file to add the "-a aaa" option.
  2. Install AutoStore client

Note: The recommended installation order is the following:

  1. Autostore
  2. PCC
  3. Remote Admin

Ricoh advised that the MFP must be set to use Static IP address.  MFPs set to DHCP have been known to suffer intermittent failures.

If  using PCC 5 or Nuance Unified Client for Ricoh SOP, this client natively supports both Equitrac and AutoStore, so the use of AAA is not required.