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Can System Manager Be Configured to Include All Equitrac Administrative Modules?

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With Equitrac Office and Equitrac Express, by default, when you open System Manager, many of the Equitrac Administrative tools are not available (for example, the ability to manage users and the ability to run reports). Can System Manager be configured to include these administrative tools? Yes. To configure System Manager to include access to the various administrative modules, perform the following steps:

1.     Create a shortcut to System Manger.  

2.     In the Target address field, at the end of the existing command line, insert a space, followed by a dash (-) or forward slash (/), followed by the desired switches.  For example, "-sadm" or "/sadm" (without the quotation marks).  NOTE:  The order of the switches does not matter.

s - for System Manager

a - for Accounts Manager

d - for Diagnostics

m - for Device Monitoring Console

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