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EO/EE 5.6: Cannot disable tracking for a fax printer if there is another printer instance for the same print device

Article # 3015439 - Page views: 326

Problem statement:

Software Fax transactions processed through an Equitrac managed print server will not be tracked properly and may cause print failures if not exempted from tracking.


As of Equitrac 5.6 and later, Equitrac no longer uses ports to manage printers.  While it is possible to disable print tracking for a physical device in Equitrac through the System Manager -> Devices section, this option applies to any printer associated with that physical print device / MFP so it is not possible to disable tracking for only one printer instance.


With printers on an Equitrac 5.6 managed print server that are being used specifically for fax printing, there is an option now to create a special exception to configure Equitrac to ignore those transactions. To apply this exception, install the following hotfixes: EQ56-HF-308846-CAS and EQ56-HF-308846-DRE.

To create the exception, open the Equtirac System Manager and navigate to the Diagnostics section -> Configuration and expand the 'default' section. Then find DRE -> 'no classification' -> IgnoreQueueRegex

In this setting, insert a RegEx expression that can exclude the print queues to ignore. For example, to filter out all queues containing the _FAX or -FAX,  the value of IgnoreQueueRegex should be _FAX|-FAX.

Note that this filter is case sensitive by default. To conduct a case insensitive search, place (?i) in front of the value. For example (?i)-fax will catch all case sensitive permutations such as -Fax, -FAX, etc.



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