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How to Configure Active Directory Synchronization for Multiple Domains in Equitrac System Manager

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With Equitrac Office and Equitrac Express, if you have multiple Windows domains, how can you configure Active Directory synchronization in System Manager to synchronize multiple domains. To configure Active Directory synchronization for multiple domains in Equitrac System Manager, perform the following steps:

1.       Start System Manager and select Configuration >Active Directory synchronization.

2.       In the Domain controller section, click the Add button.

3.       Type the name of the first domain and click the OK button.

4.       In the Domain Controller section, highlight the first domain listed.

5.       In the Containers section, click the Add button.

6.       Specify the containers to be used and click OK button.

7.       Click the Test button to display the Active Directory Lookup dialog box.

8.       Enter a valid domain user and click the Lookup button.  Verify that data on the user is returned.  Click the OK button to close the lookup dialog box.

9.       Repeat steps 2 through 8 to add each domain to be synchronized.

10.   Adjust the Synchronization interval, as required.

11.   Click to select the Adds, Changes and Deletes options, as needed.

12.   In the Assign values from Active directory section, assign any additional Active Directory fields to fields in Equitrac, if required.

13.   Click the OK button to initiate the synchronization.

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