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How to Export Users, Billing Codes and Departments to a HTML,CSV or XML Format

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Problem Statement

Customer needs to export Users, Departments or Billing Codes to a flat file format.


These accounts may be required in another system capable of importing flaf files.


Step 1.  Right click and "Run As" on the system manager Icon

Step 2.  Select reporting

Step 3. Select Accounts

Step 4. Select Account Listing

Step 5. Under Account type there are options here for the export type you have ( to choose from in version 5.3) User, Deprtment, Billing Code,Vending.

Step 6. Select Account status, this option allows to select various account status options for example, All, Overdrawn, locked, Active.

Step 7. Select Order By Account  and then OK. This will generate the requested report.

If you do not see all the coloumns required, follow some further steps below.

Step 8. Under View along the top toolbar, Select Configure report layout if you do not see all the columns required, check the Box again against the value required.

Step 9. Select Save As, here you can save the output of the file to HTML, CSV-ANSI,CSV-Unicode,XML.

Step 10. Select CSV format if you wish to export to Excel to manipulate the data.