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How to Manually Convert a Printer to Use an Equitrac Port

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With Equitrac Office, Equitrac Express, and Equitrac Professional 5, how do you manually convert a Windows printer port to an Equitrac print port? To manually convert a Windows printer port, perform the following steps:

NOTE:  Before converting a printer to use an Equitrac port, best practice is the print a test page to verify that the printer is functioning properly on the current port.  Do NOT convert a port until this step has been successfully completed.

1.     On the print server, open the Printers window.

2.     Right-click the printer to be converted and select Properties.

3.     Click the Ports tab.

4.     Click the Add Ports button.

5.     SelectEquitracPort and then click the NewPort button.  The Equitrac Printer Port Wizard starts.  

NOTE:  This program is not the same program as the Equitrac Printer Port Conversion Wizard.

6.     Click the Next button.

7.     Leave the Device type to Physical printer.

8.     In the Printer name or IP address field, type the IP address of the device to be converted.

9.     If the Port Configuration dialog box appears, under Custom settings, set Type is Raw port and the Port to 9100.  Click the Next button.

10.   In the Physical device name, type a text name to associated with the printer.  This is the text description that will appear in System Manager.  To display the IP address of the device in System Manager, leave the field as displayed.  Click the Next button.

11.   Click the Finish button to create the port.

12.   On the Printer Ports dialog box, click the Close button.  The Equitrac port just created is automatically assigned to the printer.

13.   Click the General tab.

14.   Print a test page.  Verify that the page prints successfully. 

15.   Close the Properties dialog box.

Repeat these steps to manually convert any additional ports to Equitrac ports.