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How to Manually Convert an Equitrac Printer Port Back to a Standard Port

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With Equitrac Office, Equitrac Express, and Equitrac Professional 5, how do you manually convert an Equitrac port back to a standard Windows port? To manually convert an Equitrac port back to a standard Windows port, on the print server (DRE), perform the following steps.

NOTE:  If the Equitrac Printer Conversion Wizard was not used to originally convert the printer to use an EquitracPort, the device will not appear on the list of available devices for conversion back.  Under this condition, it must be converted back manually.

1.     Open the Printer dialog box.

2.     Right-click the printer to be converted back and select Properties.

3.     Click the Ports tab.

4.     If the TCP/IP port still exists, locate it and the click the check box beside it.

5.     Click the Apply button.

If the TCP/IP port does not still exist:

1.     Click the Add port button.

2.     HighlightStandardTCP/IPPort and click the NewPort button.

3.     Click the Next button.

7.     In the Printer name or IP address field, type the IP address of the device being converted back.

8.     If the Additional Port Information Required dialog box appears, ensure that the device Type is set to Standard - Generic Network Card and click the Next button.

11.   Click the Finish button.  The printer is automatically assigned to the TCP/IP port.

12.   Close the Properties dialog box.

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