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How to Prevent Users with Insufficient Funds from Copying and Printing on Specific Devices

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With Equitrac Office and Equitrac Express, if the system is configured to only charge users when they print to specific MFPs, how can you prevent users from making print and copy jobs these devices if they do not have sufficient funds, while allowing them unlimited prints to other printers? To accomplish this configuration, requires the following:

1.     Create two price lists.  The first price list sets the default charge for copy/print jobs to 0.00.  The second price list sets the desired charge for copy/print jobs at these specific devices.  Apply the first price list to all non-charge devices.  Apply the second price list to these specific devices and any e-queue that contains them.

2.     Create a rule to deny print jobs if "Account balance after the job would be less than specified" and apply it at these devices or e-queues.

3.     Create a Scheduled task to "Set account balances." Set the task type to "Deposit to minimum level."  The amount should be greater than zero but less than the desired charge for a 1 page print job on one of this device.  Configure this scheduled task to run on a daily basis.  This scheduled task will adjust only accounts with zero and negative balance.

4.     Enable "Enforce Accounts Limits" in System Manager.