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How to Upgrade Equitrac Office/Express 5.7 to a version of Device Web Server (DWS) using Apache Tomcat 9

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Question / Problem: 

How do I upgrade Device Web Server to use version 9 of Apache Tomcat?

Answer / Solution: 

The Device Web Server (DWS) component of Equitrac, required to run some of the web-based Equitrac Embedded Clients, is driven by Apache Tomcat and is installed automatically whenever DWS is selected. In Equitrac v5.7, when DWS is required and installed, Apache Tomcat version 7 is utilized. Apache Tomcat version 7 is End of Life from 31st March 2021; please see link:

As a result, some Partners & End Users have concerns that their Equitrac v5.7 system with DWS will no longer be utilizing a current and supported version of Apache Tomcat.

To rectify this concern, a hotfix has been released by Kofax that will update Apache Tomcat to version 9 and set DWS to utilize it.

How to request this version

Currently, this hotfix is available on request via the KB ControlSuite and the Log4j vulnerability CVE-2021-44228 - Kofax


Applies to:  

Product Version
Equitrac Office 5.7
Equitrac Express 5.7