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Konica Minolta embedded changing authentication settings

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Using Equitrac or ControlSuite what is necessary to make changes made in System Manager take effect on the Konica-Minolta embedded client?  Even after changing the setting in System Manager and rebooting the MFP, the expected configuration does not change.


After making changes in Equitrac System Manager, such as "Input type", "Prompt for secondary PIN", Authentication or Embedded setting, some steps are required to have the changes take effect. 

For Combined Client for Konica-Minolta (iOption) with either ControlSuite or Equitrac, the following steps are required to be performed in this exact order.

  1. Make all the changes in System Manager
  2. Force Cache Update on DCE via System Manager
  3. Make a login attempt at the Konica-Minolta MFP. For quickest results, do a failed log in - i.e. use an incorrect username, PIN or password.
  4. Restart the web application hosting service (i.e. AutoStore or Equitrac DCS depending on the configuration)

For the legacy Equitrac Embedded for Konica-Minolta for Equitrac Office / Equitrac Express, after making changes in System Manager please reinitalize the Konica-Minolta Embedded from System Manager for the changes to take effect.