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LDAP import not working when using port 636 (SSL).

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Problem Statement:

LDAP import not working when using port 636 (SSL). When performing a LDAP import test - an error 81 (Server Down) is returned.


To verify if the issue is with LDAP, install a LDAP Browser like Softerra, configure it exactly as it was done in Equitrac and see if there still an issue. In the Windows Event logs may see an error like this: "The certificate received from the remote server does not contain the expected name. It is therefore not possible to determine whether we are connecting to the correct server. The server name we were expecting is . The SSL connection request has failed."


This problem occurs because on the client side the system compares the name stored in the certificate (Subject field) with the name specified for the connection. As they do not match authentication fails and client get an error.


The name used in Equitrac server to reach out the LDAP server must be the same (either host name or FQDN) that the certificate has. The LDAP FQDN and the certificate Subject name must be the same.