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Unable to access WebTools after adding new Security Certificate

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Problem Statement:

With EE/EO, after adding a new SSL Security Certificate, users are getting a blank page when trying to access to WebTools (https://:2941/webtools/start.html).


This issue can be caused because the private key associated to the SSL security certificate cannot be found.


Please review Chapter 21:Using Equitrac (Office) Utilities

1. Open up the MMC Console.

2.  Select File, Add/Remove Snap-in. When the Snap-ins window opens, double-click Certificates, Select My User Account, Service account, or Computer Account and click Finish, then OK.

3.  On the left side of the MMC Console, expand Certificates - Current User, and double click on Equitrac-Shared.

4.  Click on the certificate that you have had created and go into Details, and then Serial Number.

5.  Copy that serial number, without spaces at the front or back.

6.  Open a command prompt (as administrator) and type in the following command: certutil -repairstore -user "Equitrac-Shared" and press enter.

7.  Exit out of the MMC Console and restart it again. Double Click on the certificate and you should see a line at the bottom of the window displaying the name with this line added.

                        You have a private key that corresponds to this certificate.

8. Restart the Equitrac Scheduler service.

9. Test Webtools again by entering the following, https://:2941/webtools/start.html