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User Account Balances Display a Negative Balance When Enforced Account Limits Is Enabled

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In Equitrac Express and Equitrac Office, with the Enforce account limits option enabled in System Manager, it is still possible for a user account to go into a negative balance.


There are two scenarios under which this behavior can occur, as follows:

1.  The printer is configured to begin printing immediately and the Cost Preview option is not enabled.  This means that the job begins printing before Equitrac is able to determine whether or not the user has sufficient funds to print the job.  To prevent this scenario, you can configure the printer to not start printing the job until it has finished spooling or enable Cost Preview in System Manager.  This will allow Equitrac to verify that the users has sufficient funds before beginning the print job.

On the print server where the printer is installed, open the Properties dialog box of the printer.  Click the Advanced tab.  Click to select the "Spool print documents so program finishes printing faster" radio button and then click to select the "Start printing after last page is spooled" radio button.  In System Manager, click Configuration in the left pane and then Workstation Popup Behaviour in the right pane.  Click to select the "Show cost summary" option.

2.  In the event CAS is unavailable, Equitrac is configured to print the job and then charge the account later when CAS is available.  Since the job has already been printed, if the user has insufficient funds, the balance becomes negative.  To prevent this scenario, you can configure the system to not allow printing at all in the event that CAS is unavailable. 

In System Manager, select Configuration>User Authentication.  In the CAS offline behavior section, click the DRE servers drop-down arrow and select "Do not print."  NOTE:  This setting stops all printing for all devices.