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What Happens When AD Synchronization Is Run with the "Deletes" Option Selected

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In Equitrac Office and Equitrac Express, what happens when Active Directory (AD) Synchronization is run with the Deletes option is selected? Is the account in Equitrac deleted? Equitrac uses field mappings to AD to populate corresponding fields in Equitrac. AD Synchronization polls AD to determine if any changes have occurred since the last time AD Synchronization occurred, and then updates the changed accounts in Equitrac. AD Synchronization is a one directional pull of data from AD to Equitrac

When AD Synchronization identifies a change in an account, it automatically updates the mapped data for each modified user.  AD Synchronization does not distinguish which field(s) were modified; all data in all mapped fields for each modified user is updated. 

Therefore, best practices are to make any modifications to information in mapped fields in AD, not Equitrac.  Only modifications to non-mapped fields should be performed in Equitrac.

If you delete an account in AD and AD Synchronization occurs, the corresponding account in Equitrac is no longer visible in the Users list; however, the account is not actually deleted from the database.  Rather, in the Equitrac database, the account is flagged as disabled.  Once disabled, the process is permanent and cannot be reversed.  This allows the user information to be available for reporting purposes (user appears with (deleted user) beside the user name on reports).  At a later date, if you recreate the user in AD, it is also recreated in Equitrac, but as a completely new user with no relational links to the original account or corresponding data. 

II you delete an account in Equitrac, but not in AD, the account is again flagged as disabled in the database, and behaves as described above, appearing for reporting purposes.  However, the next time the user account is modified in AD and AD Synchronization occurs, the }deleted} account is recreated in Equitrac.  Again, as noted above, the recreated user account has no relational links to the original account or corresponding data.