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Best Practices for Upgrading Equitrac Office or Equitrac Express Running in a Cluster Environment

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With Equitrac Office and Equitrac Express, what are the recommended best practices to upgrade the Equitrac software in a cluster environment? The following are the best practices when upgrading in a cluster environment:

1.     On the active node, pause the node; this prevents the node from accepting failovers.

2.     Move all online resource groups, including the Cluster Group, if necessary, to another node.

3.     Upgrade the software on the paused node.

4.     Install the latest CAS hotfix.

5.     Apply all other hotfixes; no particular order required.

6.     Resume the node (allows the node to accept resource groups).

7.     Move resource groups back to original node.

8.     On the passive node, pause the node.

9.     Repeat steps 3 through 6 on the passive node.

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