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EO/EE - Not able to see secured jobs from remote DREs which were installed using the silent method

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Problem Statement:

Users were not able to see their secured jobs from some remote DREs which were identified to be installed using the silent method.


This issue occurs because the silent method was missing the following Option (IS_SLP_DA="0") which is not mentioned in the installation guide.


For existing installed DRE or DCE Servers

  1. Edit the file in C:\Program Files\Equitrac\"Office" or "Express"\SLP eqslp.conf --> and put this line to false --> net.slp.isda = false.
  2. Delete the two files "eqslp.conf" and "eqslpd.bdb" located under C:\Users\"EQServiceAccount"\AppData\Local\Equitrac
  3. Restart the EQSLP service

For new DRE or DCE Servers which will be deployed using the silent install add IS_SLP_DA="0" to your command line. For example:

msiexec /i c:\Equitrac.Express.x64.msi ADDLOCAL="Common,DRE,DCE,SPE" CASNAME="EQCASServerName"  LANGUAGE="en" IS_SLP_DA="0" SRVCUID="Doamin\EQServiceAccount" SRVCPWD="*********" /qn

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