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Equitrac Express/Office 5.x: Konica Minolta AU-205H card reader

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Problem Statement:

When using Equitrac Office / Equitrac Express 5.x with the Konica Minolta AU-205H card readers, the PIN code values are not being read properly.

In some cases, such as with EO/EE 5.4, all user cards may appear as identical values - sometimes containing "y" with dots on them.


The correct parser must be used to match customer cards.  See the "Equitrac Integrated for Konica Minolta Setup Guide" for details regarding deploying the correct Parser for use with CAS.

The following is a partial list.

  1. Equitrac Office / Equitrac Express 5.7, 5.6 or 5.5 users: 
    • EQCardParserCustom1.dll - do not use with AU-205H
    • EQCardParserFormat1.dll - do not use with AU-205H
    • EQCardParserFormat2.dll - to be used with AU-205H and HID Prox (HID Proximity - 125 kHz) cards
    • EQCardParserFormat3.dll - to be used with AU-205H and MIFARE cards
    • EQCardParserFormat4.dll - to be used with AU-202H and AU-205H with iCLASS cards
  2. If using HID iCLASS cards, "Auth Device Advanced Tool 5427CK for AH-205H" from Konica-Minolta may be required to configure the reader appropriately.   Note: there may be different loadable device drivers available for Konica-Minolta MFPs depending on the desired value to be read from the card.  To utilize the multi-format capabilities of the AU-205H card reader, the reader may need to be placed into the "wedge" mode, with the appropriate loadable device driver.  Consult Konica-Minolta technical resources for details on this.
  3. Equitrac Office / Equitrac Express 5.4 users:
    • Install latest CAS hotfix (CAS Hotfix HF-237984-CAS or later).
    • See above instructions to use the correct Card Parser
  4. Equitrac Office / Equitrac Express 5.3, 5.2, 5.1 or 5.0.
  • Upgrade to a newer version and follow instructions for that version.