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Equitrac Express - WebDeposit database is not being automatically created

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With Equitrac Express 5.x, the WebDeposit database may not be automatically created during the WebDeposit installation.


This can occur if the application pool under Managed pipeline mode is set to "integrated".


  1. Open IIS Manager
  2. Expand your IIS local server
  3. Select "Application Pools"
  4. Select "Equitrac" from the list of the existing application pools
  5. Right click and select "Basic Settings"
  6. Set "Managed pipeline mode" to "Classic" (instead of Integrated) and click OK
  7. Restart the Equitrac application pool
  8. Open a web browser on the machine where the WebClient is installed (make sure that JavaScript and cookies are enabled for the web browser)
  9. Open the http://localhost/EQWebClient URL
  10. At the Web Login screen type in your user credentials
  11. Select "Deposit"
  12. At this point, the WebDeposit database creation should start, this step can take 1 or 2 minutes
  13. Once you receive the message "There is no configured payment method currently.." (which means that the WebDeposit database was successfully created) continue with the configuration of the WebDeposit solution as instructed in the WebDeposit Setup Guide