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Equitrac Mac client installation error "Can't save CAS Server configuration"

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When trying to install the Mac print client, the error message "Can't Save CAS Server configuration" appears. 


Permissions issue on the MacOS file system.


Ensure that the directory containing the configuration files, and the configuration files themselves have the correct permissions.

Manually change the folder permissions. The steps to do this are as follows:

sudo chmod 775 /Library/Application\ Support/Equitrac/

sudo chmod 775 /Library/Application\ Support/Equitrac/DRE

sudo chgrp -R admin /Library/Application\ Support/Equitrac/

sudo chmod 664 /Library/Application\ Support/Equitrac/DRE/EQDRECAS.cfg

sudo chmod 664 /Library/Application\ Support/Equitrac/EquitracOfficePrefs

  1.        Run EquitracPrinterUtilityX.
  2.        Install Print client.
  3.        Run following commands from Terminal using an account with admin credentials:
  4. If errors were received, perform the configuration steps again.