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Equitrac Office/Express 5.7 - Couchbase installation


How to install Couchbase and connect it to Equitrac Office / Express 5.7

Please note: In most cases, Couchbase is no longer needed for use with EO / EE 5.7.  This information is dated so use at your own risk.

This guide should only be used when performing an Equitrac installation in a non HA environment. If performing an Equitrac DCE HA installation, Please refer to the DCE_High_Availability_Whitepaper_v1.1.pdf.

  1. Manually download and install the standalone Couchbase on the DCE server.  This is for installing a single node Couchbase (not High Availability) only. 
  2. Download Couchbase Server 4.5.1 community edition from the Couchbase website
  3. Run the Couchbase setup wizard to create a username and password. (Please make a note of these login details - this will be needed when installing Equitrac)
  4. Create a new bucket or use the default bucket (make a note of the bucket name to use for the DCE connection string)
  5. Start the Equitrac installer and install the required components
  6. On the DCE High Availability Setup screen, tick the box 'DCE will be part of a High Availability Setup'
  7. In "Virtual Server Name" enter the name of the DCE server (or IP address)
  8. Enter the Couchbase connection string and the username and password used to log in to Couchbase. The Couchbase connection string must be in the following format: couchbase://hostname/bucketname (Note: bucketname was chosen in step 3 above)
  9. Test to confirm that Equitrac can connect to Couchbase.

Additional Information:

If any of the following types of installation are being installed, please refer to section 12 of the DCE_High_Availability_Whitepaper_1.1.pdf which discusses the additional step of creating indexes:

-A Toshiba Installation

-Samsung XOA Web Installation