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Equitrac Office/Express 5.7 - Invalid Login when installing

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Problem Statement:

When Installing Equitrac Office or Express 5.7 and connecting to an external SQL server, (not SQL Express) the followiing error may be seen when running the installer and trying to pass the "test connection" option.

Invalid Login: The user does not have the required permissions (select, insert, update) in the Equitrac database.


EO / EE 5.7 requires the user connecting to the the Equitrac database to have sysadmin rights within SQL


  1. Open SQL management studio, login and connect to the SQL server and instance with the Equitrac database.
  2. Expand security - Logins and right click and select properties of the user running the Equitrac services.
  3. select server roles from the left hand pane
  4. Select the sysadmin checkbox and select ok.
  5. Run the Equitrac 5.7 installer again and you should now be able to pass the connection test window.

Note: Once Equitrac is installed and working as expected, the sysadmin role can be removed and only the dbcreator rights are required.