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Equitrac Office / Equitrac Express 5.7: Cannot install hotfix

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Problem Statement:

Using Equitrac Office / Equitrac Express 5.7, when attempting to install a hotfix, the Windows Installer has an error "The upgrade patch cannot be installed by the Windows Installer service because the program to be upgraded may be missing, or the upgrade patch may update a different version of the program. Verify that the program to be upgraded exists on your computer and you have the correct upgrade patch."


Attemtpting to install a current hotfix on an older build of Equitrac Office / Express 5.7.


Check the build version of the Equitrac Office / Equitrac Express.  Ensure that the version of the installed software is or newer.  If the version does not match, then follow the process of uninstalling the software leaving database intact and downloading the latest version from our download site.

After doing so, install any hotfixes dated May 2017 or newer.  Any older hotfixes are no longer required.