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Equitrac Office / Equitrac Express 5.7: Unable to install

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Problem Statement:

When attempting to upgrade to the latest Equitrac Office / Equitrac Express 5.7, the error message "Installer detected a product version 5.7 is already installed. Please uninstall this product before running the Equitrac Office / Express installer again."


Older build of Equitrac Office / Equitrac Express 5.7 is installed.


Uninstall previous build before installing software.

  1. Make a backup of the server for disaster recovery purposes
  2. Uninstall Equitrac Office / Equitrac Express 5.7
  3. When prompted, choose the option to keep the database. This is important, becuase if this is not done, all historical transaction information and configuration settings will be lost.
  4. Ensure that the latest installer from has been downloaded. 
  5. Run the installer to install the software.
  6. After installation, ensure that the software version is or newer
  7. Download any hotfixes dated May 2017 or newer and install