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How to Convert Equitrac Ports Back to TCP/IP Ports Using the Equitrac Printer Conversion Wizard

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With Equitrac Office and Equitrac Express 5.5 and earlier, how to use the Equitrac Printer Conversion Wizard to convert Equitrac ports back to Windows TCP/IP ports?


If all the Equitrac ports were created using the Equitrac Port Conversion Utility, the conversion utility can revert printers to their original ports.

NOTE:  The Equitrac Printer Conversion Wizard can only be used to convert an EquitracPort back to a Windows TCP/IP port if the wizard was originally to create the Equitrac port.  Only devices using Equitrac ports that were created by the wizard will appear on the list for conversion back to a Windows TCP/IP port.

1.           On the workstation on which the Equitrac DRE service is running, navigate to the following location:

            C:\Program Files\Equitrac\[Express|Office]\Tools.

2.           Double-click EQPrinterConversionWizard.

3.           On the Welcome dialog box, click the Next button.

4.           In the Convert Printers dialog box, click the Move converted Equitrac printers to their original ports radio button.

5.           Click to clear the check mark from the Auto-discover model dialog box.

6.           Click the Next button.  A list of available device for conversion appears.

7.           Click to select the desired printers to be converted back to Windows TCP/IP

8.           Click the Next button.

9.           Click the Finish button.

NOTE:  The Equitrac ports still exist.  If you plan to convert the printers back to use Equitrac ports, do NOT delete them.  If no longer required, they can be manually deleted.