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How to Install system manager on a workstation

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Is it possible to install system manager on a work station?

Yes you can install system manager on a workstation, follow these steps

How to install System Manager/Accounts Manager/Reports Manager on a workstation.

The first step is in most cases is to create a group called Equitrac with all the users that will have permission to use the system manager functions.

The group would need to have the correct permissions and have an "Administrator" account added to the Equitrac group for administrator access.

Once this has been configured you can go ahead and install the software on the workstation.

  1. Download the installer or go to the install file where Equitrac was downloaded to navigate to Equitrac installs folder.
  2. Drag the Msi file installer to the root of C:/
  3. Double click the installer and select the attributes you want to install.

Once the installer has run go to the registry of the workstation and check the registry entry, you may have to edit the registry to point the workstation to the CAS server name:

Click Start/Run/Regedit, then navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, SOFTWARE,EQUITRAC,COMMON. Under CASName Registry, Change this entry to the Servername or CAS NAME

When you open system manager the server name will be present asking you to connect to it because you have made the registry change.

Another option to system manager is to add the switch to the target line to access all the functions of the system manager within the software.

Create the users in Access permissions you want to have access to the software.