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How to verify that DWS and Tomcat are uninstalled after removing DWS from EO/EE

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After uninstalling DWS how do you ensure that the DWS service and Apache Tomcat are gone?


DWS is only required for hosting certain Embedded platforms.  If DWS option was selected by mistake, use the following to resolve. 


To remove DWS from the software, you use the 'Change' option for EE/EO in control panel>applications>add/remove programs and unselect DWS.  DWS should completely uninstall.  If you want to see that it uninstalled you can check the following:

- Check that you can access this url before the uninstall:  https://myhost:8443/DwsMain/WebAdmin/app , where 'myhost' refers to the server where DWS is located.

- Verify you can't access it after the install.

- Verify that DWS service is not listed in services and is not listening on port 8080 in netstat (netstat -abn).

- The DWS folder in  'Program Files' (including the apache-tomcat folder) and the Appdata>local>Equitrac>Equitrac Platform Component>EQDwssrv> directory should have the tomcat ('webserver') files gone after the uninstall.