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Migrating from Equitrac Office/Express Version 4.2.6 to 5.x

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How do you migrate from Equitrac Office/Express Version 4.2.6. to 5.x


When upgrading from EE\EO 4.2.6 to EE\EO 5.x follow these steps:

Step 1: Purchase EE\EO 5.x upgrade license as an upgrade from version 4.x to 5.x requires new license.

Attention: If upgrading on the same server go to step 4, if migrating to a new server perform all steps:

Step 2: Send an email to asking for a license reset for all the version 4 licenses that are associated to the current server.

Step 3: Manually register the version 4 serial numbers to the new server system ID.

Step 4: Manually register the version 5 serial numbers to the new server system ID.

Step 5: Back up the database.

Step 6: Make sure to have the credentials for the service account that will start the Equitrac services

Step 7: Stop and disable the services on the old server as the new server will be using the same EQCAS database . Only one server can use the database.

Note: If using SQL Express on the new server or a new SQL server, step 7 is not needed but the old server should always be decommissioned.

Step 8: Install the 5.x on the new server using the same account that is installed on the old system.

Step 9: Once the software is installed, start the CAS service on the new server and wait until the service has a status of started and you may see an error letting you know the service did not respond in a timely manner. Wait as long as it takes for the service to say started as it may stay under a status of "starting" for a few minutes or longer depending on the size of the database, and this is because at this point the databse is getting upgraded to 5.x or higher.

Step 10: Once the service is Started open Equitrac system manager and add your 5.x licence but do not try to add the version 4 license as it will not work.

Note: Make sure the SQL server is 2008 or higher, as anything lower is not supported with any of the new 5.x versions of Equitrac Software.