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USB plugin for Fuji Xerox running XCP 1.1.x

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Problem Statement:

When using FX ECSP, unable to install USB Card Reader plugin on older Fuji-Xerox devices running XCP (eXtensible Customization Platform) 1.1.x.


The current plugin available works with FX devices running XCP 1.2 or later.  Older devices require a manual process to install the plugin.

To determine the XCP version, verify via CentreWare Internet Services / Properties / Security / Plug-in/Custom Services Settings / List of Embedded Plug-ins / Version:


Download the "Embedded for Fuji Xerox USB Card Reader Plugin package" from

This is currently available with EO/EE 5.4 through 5.5 only.  Please also note that the latest DWS hotfix is also required.

Follow the instructions in the attached file to install the EquitracPlugin-nowebui.Jar file.

Note: versions for EO/EE 5.6 and 5.7 will be available at a future date.