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What needs to be done on the Equitrac server if the domain name changes?


What needs to be done on the Equitrac Office or Express server (or servers) if the end users decided to change the current domain name changes to keep the server


License reset

Because the activation code is generated using the domain name and the server hostname (this combination is called "System ID"), if any of these names changes, a new activation code needs to be generated.

Take an screenshot of the Equitrac licenses currently installed(*) and email it to with the subject "license reset request due to domain name change" along with the new "System ID".

The licensing department will reset the licenses and email back a confirmation at this point the licenses can be re-register against the new "System ID".

The license reset should be submitted a couple of days prior to the domain name change to minimize down time as it can take up to 48 business hours to be processed, note that a license reset will not affect Equitrac normal operations on the production environment.

Remove the licenses and re-add them just after complete the following two steps.

(*) Equitrac System Manager >Licensing

Update the service account starting Equitrac services

Launch the Services.msc console to update the "Log On" tab with the new service account (New_domain_name\account_name) in all the Equitrac services.

This change has to be done as soon as possible after the domain name change is completed in ALL the servers hosting an Equitrac service because the services will not start.

Add the new service account into the SQL main "Security" tab and set permissions.

Note that this step is required only if the ODBC DSN eqcas is configured to use "With Windows NT authentication.."

A new login account needs to be created for the "new" service account into the SQL engine under the main "Security" tab

Make sure to map the eqcas database to the new login account and to grant db_owner permissions over the same.